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Home Elation

Let your home reflect your best YOU.

Home Elation offers a variety of affordable interior design services. 

Consultations guide you to discover and define your personal goals, style and vision. 

Mood boards and digital renderings allow you to visualize your options and make changes until it's right for you. 


Collaboration simplifies the remodel process and ensures project completion through final touches. 

Spreadsheets offer organized purchase information for suggested items to make purchases easy, complete & on budget.

Purchase Services (full-service) keep design goals on target down to every last detail, without work on your end. 

Staging your home to sell will help you sell your home more quickly and for more. Home Elation will assess what needs updating and can provide a variety of items to enhance your home’s appeal to buyers.

Home Elation provides individualized services to create interior spaces that are designed to reflect your best you


See below for further details about services offered. 

Let Home Elation Make
Design & Decor a SIMPLE Process.

All Projects Are Customized.

Home Elation may be used to suit any budget or interior need.

One service or several services may be used to achieve your goals, including:

Contemporary designer pointing at home interior example on laptop display while consulting


Whether you're updating seasonal decor, staging, building a room from scratch, making functional alterations or just ready for change but not sure where to get started, Home Elation will help you execute a plan. At the initial meeting, view the space of interest with the designer. Discuss ideas and look through pictures to define what styles, materials, and color palettes best reflect you and your vision. By the end of a 1.5 to 2-hour consultation, functionality, aesthetics, taste and budget will have been discussed to establish definitive project goals. 

What’s Next? To look at cohesive ideas that combine your style, budget and vision, a tailored mood board will be developed for you. Before receiving your mood board, you will receive a second consultation at NO cost, to preview the work in progress, to make any adjustments if needed, and to ensure you will LOVE what's included in your board, before you receive it.

Mood Boards

Mood boards (also called idea boards or inspiration boards) capture the desired personality of a space and the cohesiveness of proposed design elements, including textures, colors, fabrics, furniture, fixtures, flooring, wall art and more. Mood boards help clients to visualize, consider and compare project ideas.


A mood board by Home Elation is not complete until the client is content with ALL incorporated elements. Communication with the designer and making changes until the mood board is complete, is part of the design process and does not cost extra.


Your mood board may serve as a shopping guide if you’re ready to search for similar items. Or, get a customized spreadsheet with detailed purchase information so that your mood board serves as a visual preview of your space and an explicit shopping list. Purchase the exact items from your mood board and be assured that everything there is in stock and falls within your budget. If you prefer not to do your own purchasing and home styling, skip the spreadsheet and seek purchase services. 





Customized Spreadsheets

Make the best use of your consultation and mood boards by having everything you need at your fingertips. Get a tailored spreadsheet with images, order links, pricing, measurements, and more, to make purchasing simple. Whether you are providing your contractor with finish materials for a renovation or purchasing decor for a simple room update, customized spreadsheets ensure: 

  • No item is missing or holding up a project,


  • You're staying within budget,


  • Items are well coordinated while reflecting your vision,


  • All purchase information is accessible, including for items incorporated into mood boards.


Prefer not to do the purchasing/styling yourself? Home Elation can help by offering a full-service plan...

Purchases ~ Full-Service

If you prefer not to make purchases or shop for important final touches that complete a space (and aren't necessarily seen in mood boards), no problem. Relax and let Home Elation convert ideas, images, and vision into your dream space. From purchasing paint to tile to furniture, art and plants, let the transformation come to you by leaving some or all of the shopping, purchasing and home styling to Home Elation.



Remodels and renovations can be overwhelming.
Let Home Elation simplify the process and help you navigate through the decisions you face. Feel confident in what gets communicated to your contractor(s) for a smooth transformation of your completed space, just as you've envisioned.


Selling your home? Staging makes all the difference, allowing you to sell your home more quickly and for top dollar. By staging, your home will be photo ready for the listing where, most buyers get started. Staging helps to showcase your home’s best assets and engage the buyers in an updated, inviting and move-in ready home, making a memorable and positive first impression. According to the National Association of Realtors (2021), recent studies show staging helps sell homes 3 to 30 times faster than non-staged competition and can increase the sale price by 20% on average. Let Home Elation assist with determining what existing items and furniture to showcase, how to lay it out, and provide inventory for staging. From dining sets, couches and chairs to rugs, shelving decor and wall hangings, Home Elation will provide what you need to enhance your home for buyers.

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Exterior Seasonal Decor

Home Elation offers outdoor decor services for all seasons and holidays. Enhance your curb appeal and joy when entering your home by showcasing the unique beauty that New England seasons offer. 

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