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Meet the Designer.

As a dancer, artist, painter, educator and designer, I've been immersed in art and drawn to creative roles my entire life. The daughter of a builder and inspired by talented parents who poured their hearts and souls into reviving their historical home, I've grown to share similar passions with my husband, who is a builder and project manager. Together, we've shared an enthusiasm for renovating homes over the last 15 years. I strive to combine my educational background in art, communications and education with my experience in home design and renovation, to help others discover their unique design styles and transform living spaces. From simple room updates and DIY projects to complete renovations, I am dedicated to offering interior decorating expertise that is tailored to meeting clients’ interior style, budget and functional needs. I believe that ultimately, your home should reflect your best you.​~Janelle​

Interested in working with Home Elation? Get in touch today for more information and/or to book an initial meeting.

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